I first discovered The Real Gone when I was searching for a cover of The Ventures classic ‘Fugitive’ for my PBS show. I heard their rendition of it on you tube and was blown away. They honored the original, added their vibe and made it their own. I commissioned the band to write original music for the show. They were professional to work with in every way, and before schedule delivered a great product, “The Garage”
— Steve Butler The Garage with Steve Butler, WSBE, Rhode Island PBS
... own interesting imprint upon all these tunes
... I really dig the guitar playing
— Richard Milne, 93 WXRT Chicago Local Anesthetic, Broadcast January 10, 2016 of “Personal Jesus”
I absolutely LOVE The Real Gone! Few would have thought to make a more surf vibe out of songs like “Eleanor Rigby”, “Personal Jesus” and others and The Real Gone does it masterfully. I also love how their cover of “Walk Like An Egyptian” showcases that Ventures-like vibe as well. I’m always excited to play them on the radio! As Elvis says...’it’s time to get REAL GONE!
— Jammin' James Riley/ host of "Catching A Wave" and "Rockabilly N Blues Radio Hour" Jammin' James Riley Host- Catching A Wave radio
The Real Gone manage to drag surf music out of the 60’s and prop it up into musical styles unimagined by its pioneers. Their cover of the Flaming Lips brings a new dimension of sweetness to a modern heartfelt classic. Their analog take on Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” completely retools a familiar melody
into an entirely new thought that introduces cool new lows and a feverish crescendo
the robots hadn’t engineered into their own version.
It’s a really fun record!
— Hunter King, WTUL New Orleans Sorm Surge of Reverb

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Professional, easy to work with and an incredible time. A talented group of musicians
that know how to get the room dancing and in the right mood.
— Elle Quintana, Reggies /Chicago Talent Buyer
Thank you for making the first annual We Believe charity event for parkinson’s disease a success!
You are extremely talented
and we loved having you!!!
— Megan Potilechio, Michael J. Fox TeamFox for parkinson’s research
... Focused considerable talents ...
Nice take on Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy
— Richard Milne, 93 WXRT Chicago Local Anesthetic Capsule, Broadcast June 2012 of “The Fugitive”
More cool music coming out of Chicago! The Real Gone has a unique and interesting take
on the world of surf music, blending a rich, full flavor and adding their own distinctive style.
This is not over-the-top surf music, yet a smooth, refreshing sound with no bitter after-taste.
— Clint Beachwood, North Sea Surf Radio, KCR San Diego State University college radio, and A Day at the Beach podcast
photo by Rob Gaczol

photo by Rob Gaczol

I was very enthusiastic to listen to all the music played by this band, that transmits the real essential sound of surf music. Special guest of my radio show on air on Rockabilly Radio, I can’t wait for one of their performances in Italy or join them in Chicago.
— Katia Rock, DJ at, K Rock Show (Italy)


"Personal Jesus" featured on Long Gone Galaxy Podcast: Jason Shook, Visalia, California


The Real Gone's rendition of The Ghastly One's "Surfin' Spooks" from The House of Blues Chicago's Foundation Room!